Concrete Work

Restoring the Beauty and Safety of Your Home

Freshly poured concrete by Quillen Construction Group with caution tape sectioning off the driveway.

Concrete leveling and repair is a science. There are a lot of companies that claim that they are qualified to do the work however, not all of them understand the precision of getting it right. Before we begin a repair, whether it be a foundation, driveway or walkway, we first examine the underlying cause of damage. If this step is skipped, there may be future problems and when it comes to concrete repair, inexperience can be a disaster.

At QCG, we are have been perfecting the science of concrete repair since 2005. If you need a foundation, driveway or sidewalk repair, our experienced contractors will utilize our state of the art equipment to restore your concrete’s beauty and functionality. Let us help you beautify your home.

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New Construction

The foundation of your home is essential to the value and safety of its structure. The construction must be done correctly in terms of the type of foundation being formed, avoiding problems with settlement, and properly preparing the subgrade through final curing stages. Each phase of foundation construction has necessary requirements and components upon which a structure depends.

From laying the foundation for new construction to helping you create a basketball court, QCG provides cost-effective solutions.

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