Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC

Electrical Work

We Bring The Light

Light fixture dangling from above with a dark background.

Electrical systems require upkeep to ensure that you are providing a safe environment for you and your family. At QCG, we offer wiring repair, light installation, and a variety of other electrical services. Our experienced technicians possess the dedication and know-how required to address any issues that may occur.  

We will help with your selection of lighting fixtures and the layout of lighting to ensure your home is beautifully lit. From small issues, such as replacing a light switch to renovating your entire kitchen, bath, or living area, our electricians can assist you with all your needs.

We offer safety Inspections to keep your home up to code, wiring updates and installations, and complete lighting projects (new build or renovations).

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Plumbing Work

We Keep Your Pipes Flowing

Stainless steel sink with a dark backplash.

QCG is here for all your plumbing needs. Our plumbers will be involved in the project as much as our company is to assure everything is done to the customer’s liking.

Our plumbers are very trained can do anything the customer desires. QCG offers smaller plumbing jobs, as well as, plumbing that is part of new constructions and remodels. Need a water heater installed? A broken pipe fixed? A new toilet installed? We can get it done.

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We Help You Keep Cool

AC Uniit on the top of a roof.

Having a central air conditioning system that works is one of the most important things you can do for your home. Our HVAC techs are heavily trained to give quality work to our customers. They are hands-on and will be there every step of the way to give you the HVAC system that works best for you and your family. Whether it be a 3-ton, 4-ton, or zoning system, our HVAC techs offer it all and more.

At QCG, we offer same-day 24 hour service, 7 days a week (including emergency A/C repair).

New System Installations.
QCG understands that in Louisiana, AC is one of the most important things to its residents. The air conditioning breaking in the summer is one of New Orleans’ residents’ worst nightmares. QCG Nola is here to help with this. We can help get your home back comfortable in a couple of days. Or do you have an outdated system that isn’t working to your standards? Our tech can help get you the system you desire. Contact us today for more information on our HVAC services.

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