Interior & Exterior Painting

Painting Gives Your Home A Fresh, Clean Look

The exterior of a blue and yellow-accented New Orleans shotgun house that was renovated.

Interior Painting

Painting the interior of your home can transform its look and feel. The color you choose can make your room look smaller or larger, comfortable or dynamic. Color reveals your personality and personal style.

Using Sherwin Williams, we have a wide variety of colors and types of paint that can be selected.

Exterior Painting

We all know that a new coat of paint adds curb appeal, but it does much more than that. Painting the exterior of your home protects it from weather elements ( the sun, heat, rain, moisture, humidity and wind). These weather elements can leave your home vulnerable to cracks,  gaps, and peeling and will allow moisture in, leading to mold or wood rot.

Our painters are very experienced, and are very precise with their work. At QCG, we provide quality paint to ensure that your home is protected by a long-lasting, paint job for years to come.

Other Painting Needs

Can’t find the color siding you want? Our painters can paint the siding to a color of your choosing. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Floor Restoration

If you live in a home with original wood floors, you do not have to replace them! QCG can help you achieve the look of brand new beautiful floors without removing one of the greatest components of the home.

Fence Repair  – Whether the fence was blown down by wind, or it has just sustained years of wear and tear, we can help.

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